3 quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid bringing in

The Atlanta Falcons have not had good quarterback play since Matt Ryan left and if they are looking to take another shot on another quarterback, they must avoid these three players
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3. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

All due respect to Kirk Cousins but he is not the quarterback that you want if you are the Atlanta Falcons in the situation they are in.

Cousins has been great at looking good when everyone isn't looking and looking mediocre when everyone is looking. And he also will quietly put up good stats but still lose (sound familiar?).

If Cousins cannot win with the Vikings then he won't win with the Falcons and I say that only because the Falcons don't have Justin Jefferson on their team.

Not to mention, giving up assets for a guy who is going to be a free agent isn't the smartest thing to do if you are the Falcons. Kirk Cousins isn't magically going to make you a Super Bowl contender which means you should be building with the future in mind.

If you are going to trade for Kirk Cousins then you might as well just sign Matt Ryan.


To be honest, sticking with Desmond Ridder might be the only choice if you are the Falcons. He needs to learn how to settle down early in games and just execute the offense.

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