Atlanta Falcons: It is time to call QB Matt Ryan

After two rough performances by the Atlanta Falcons offense it is time ask Matt Ryan if he wants to come back and play another season
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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Matt Ryan is technically not retired; the Atlanta Falcons are having issues at quarterback and on the offense; who says no?

Well, maybe Matt Ryan but that doesn't mean the Falcons shouldn't try to get ahold of the greatest player in the history of their franchise. With so many struggles on the offense, the Falcons can get things back on track with a quarterback who already knows their system.

Matt Ryan is exactly what the Atlanta Falcons need for their broken offense

13 points over the last eight quarters is unacceptable. It is especially unacceptable when you consider that the Atlanta Falcons have Bijan Robinson, Drake London, Kyle Pitts, Tyler Allgeier, and Jonnu Smith.

No other way to put it, this offense is broken right now and much of it is because they cannot pass the ball. Much of the reason they cannot pass the ball is because Desmond Ridder is clearly still trying to learn how to play at a high level in the NFL.

The solution would be to bring in a veteran quarterback and there isn't a better choice than former Falcons QB Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan obviously played for Arthur Smith for a full year and had a decent season. The system is much different than it was back then but Ryan already has the basics down—the transition would be as smooth as possible.

What I love about bringing him in is that things are much different than they were back in 2021 when things did not work out.

Back in 2021, the Falcons were the typical Matt Ryan Falcons—no running game and a terrible defense. Well, guess what the Falcons are in 2023? A team with a solid running game—albeit, an underperforming running game due to a static passing game—and a defense that is playing great.

Ryan would just need to come in here and do all the things that you would expect from a veteran; scan the field, make checks at the line, and get the ball out quickly and in rhythm. With how this team is constructed, they just need efficiency from their quarterback.

Not to mention, you get the added benefit of having a quarterback who would be willing to teach a thing or two to Desmond Ridder on how to operate an efficient offense.


The only question is if Matt Ryan would be willing to leave the booth and take the field for his former team. My gut says no, but it would be complacent if you didn't pick up the phone. They also have enough cap space to make it happen.

Next. Pitts. Trading Pitts is a bad idea for the Falcons. dark