3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans should be excited about signing Kirk Cousins

Atlanta Falcons fans should be taking a step back and realizing what a huge upgrade Kirk Cousins is for the franchise

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2. Kirk Cousins is a two-year answer for Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot

No quarterback that hasn't won a Super Bowl gets paid as well as Kirk Cousins has when he hits free agency. The quarterback found ways with Minnesota, Washington, and now Atlanta to cash in every single chance he has gotten. This is a part of the problem for Atlanta fans, however, let's take a breath and look at the details of the deal.

There will be $100-million guaranteed in the deal with $45-million of that happening in year one and in year two. This means that after the first two seasons of Kirk Cousins, you can move on from the four-year deal easily. This is a two-year answer that even if it goes completely sideways the Falcons can escape after two seasons.

Kirk Cousins has shown zero reason to believe he can't come and be a very capable passer over the next two seasons. This deal pays Kirk at the end of his prime seasons while leaving the option open to keep him around for all four seasons or move on if they find their long term answer in the draft. This deal doesn't limit Atlanta nearly as much as first thought. It is a great deal for both sides and the going rate for a capable quarterback.