3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons must sign DeAndre Hopkins

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2. DeAndre Hopkins would fill one of the few remaining holes on the Atlanta Falcons

When a team has a hole at a position, they tend to target players at that position—thank me later for teaching you something so complex. The Atlanta Falcons have a hole at wide receiver and there will never be a better option available to the Falcons than DeAndre Hopkins.

This team obviously has Drake London but they don't have a clear second wide receiver. They signed Mack Hollins who is coming off of a breakout season but had been a total disappointment prior to that. We do not know for sure if he can be a dangerous number-two receiver, and as we stand now, he would be expected to be that, kind of.

They also have Scotty Miller but he will be used as a burner. There is a lot of unknown with him because he was buried on the Buccaneers' depth chart for years.

Adding Hopkins to the mix would finally allow Atlanta to point to two players and say "those are our starting wide receivers."