3 reasons Kyle Pitts will become the NFL's best TE this year

The highest-drafted tight end in NFL history is finally ready to become the league's best at the position.
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If we are being blatantly honest, Kyle Pitts' career with the Atlanta Falcons has not gone well. While his career got off to a hot start, the last two seasons have been disappointing.

Much of it isn't his fault. He endured a bad carousel of quarterbacks, a significant knee injury in 2022, and misusage in Arthur Smith's offense. The good news is things will be different for the fourth-year pro.

Here are three reasons the highest-draft tight end in NFL history will finally be the player we all know he can be.

1. Kyle Pitts finally has a quarterback in an efficient passing scheme

Matt Ryan is the only quarterback Kyle Pitts has had since entering the NFL. Uncoincidentally, when Ryan was throwing him the ball, he went over 1,000 yards. Having Kirk Cousins throwing him the ball will put him back on pace for those kinds of numbers.

You also have to consider that Pitts had his 1k season under Arthur Smith who, as we all know, isn't a pass-first coordinator.

The combination of Zac Robinson and Kirk Cousins will easily help the Falcons' top tight end reach new career highs in every statistic.