3 Reasons that Kirk Cousins will be great for the city of Atlanta

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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1. Kirk Cousins has already made the Atlanta Falcons relevant

Whether it was Skip Bayless getting off his hot take about Baker Mayfield being better than Kirk Cousins or Sportscenter calmly breaking down the move the Falcons made waves on Monday. When the news broke about the Falcons signing Kirk Cousins all of the hot take shows and sports personalities rushed to get their takes in on the move.

Before the Falcons have had Kirk Cousins take a single snap it feels as if they have been given more national attention than they have the previous four years. It is easy to understand from the outside perspective of who wants to talk about Desmond Ridder or Marcus Mariota?

The Falcons have been a bad and boring team for the last five years and the attention they have been given tells that story. On the flip side, you see the reactions to the Kirk Cousins news and this speaks to what Cousins is going to bring to a franchise that needs to sell tickets and find a reason to be relevant. For better or worse Cousins is just that and puts the Falcons back into NFL relevance.