3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons aren't going to consider trading Kirk Cousins

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2. Atlanta's front office would be admitting a mistake and a lack of a plan

The plan the Falcons are selling is they are following the Green Bay model of adding a quarterback to learn behind their veteran. What that sentiment is so easily ignoring the facts around Green Bay before and after the move was made. The first and most important is that the Packers were already a playoff roster with a clear plan and proven to have a winning culture.

The second issue is it pushed the already aloof Aaron Rodgers out the door and was a distraction for the team. Yes, the quarterback won MVP on his way out but the story of the seasons after the move was Love vs. Rodgers and Rodgers vs. the GM.

This all to say, perhaps the Green Bay model isn't what the Falcons should want to compare themselves to. Trading Kirk Cousins apart from the cap concerns would be admitting you were wrong and didn't have a plan.

It would be evidence that you simply made a decision they hadn't planned for or thought out. It isn't in Kirk Cousins' playbook to force a trade leaving it completely on the front office.