3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should be cautious chasing Justin Fields

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
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2. If Fields is the answer why is Chicago moving on?

In modern NFL history, there are very few examples of franchise quarterbacks spending this many seasons with a team and still being a great franchise guy. Justin Fields was drafted by the Bears to end the suffering the franchise has had at the position since Jay Cutler has walked away. Cutler is the best quarterback this team has had in a long while and is very far in the rearview. Why is Chicago moving on from Fields so easily?

The first part of the answer is that they have the chance to draft Caleb Williams one of the most celebrated quarterback prospects of the last decade. This is understandable but still, if you believe you have your guy are you risking taking on a rookie quarterback?

For Chicago, the second part of the reason they would move on from Fields is the first point that was made. Turnovers and costly decisions have limited the Chicago offense for as much as Justin creates he also misses the obvious decisions at times. The Bears being willing to move on in favor of starting over at the position is a concern for any team believing that Justin is the long-term answer. Perhaps a change of scenery and weapons in Atlanta would complete Justin's game, however, Atlanta must be very cautious considering the past two years of decisions at the position.