3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons shouldn't be overlooked this season

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Exciting Young Talent

In the leadup to this 2023 season, there's been plenty of conjecture amongst Falcons fans over Desmond Ritter. I've heard many arguments about how high his ceiling might be or how far he might be able to take us, but I'm still yet to hear anyone argue that he could somehow ever be any worse than Marcus Mariota was last season.

I almost find it sad to say that even if Desmond Ritter performs far below expectations, he'll still be a massive improvement over our prior quarterback. So, not only is he an exciting player, he's a safe one.

Another young player widely conversed about is rookie running back Bijan Robinson. With an impressive college career at Texas and a fantastic pre-season showing against the Bengals, he so far has shown nothing but promise. And I'm personally very keen to watch him this season and, hopefully, see him have both considerable present and future success. Robinson is clearly a star in the making who is set up perfectly for a breakout season.

Although admittedly, his success, or lack thereof, may not be as instrumental to the team's overall success or future when compared to Desmond Ritter's, he could still prove to be hugely impactful. Especially considering the running game is quite literally Arthur Smith's bread and butter.