3 Reasons why we have seen the end of Julio Jones, the best WR of the generation

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3. Julio Jones has lost the step that separated him from the rest of the league

You can take this literally or figuratively; Julio Jones doesn't have that step that used to separate him from the rest of the NFL and when you combine that with all of the other factors, it makes it unlikely that he will even receive an offer from an NFL team.

As sad as it is, he is no longer the perennial 1,000-yard receiver who constantly scared the opposition to death. Due to the two aforementioned reasons (injuries and age), he is no longer a threat to compile 200 yards in a single game.

It is truly the end of an all-time great player who brought so many memories to football fans. He should always be seen as one of the best to ever play, even though these past few years have been rough for him. At this point, even though there are some sensible landing spots, it is unlikely we will ever see him on an NFL field in pads ever again.

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