4 Teams who could reunite Falcons legends Matt Ryan and Julio Jones

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Teams that could get the Atlantaf Falcons old Matt Ryan to Julio Jones connection cooking again

The Atlanta Falcons had one of the greatest offensive connections in NFL history with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. There were so many memories from their constant torching of the Carolina Panthers, including a 500 passing yard and 300 receiving yard game from the two, to riding their connection to the Super Bowl six years ago.

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They were a dynamic duo who both ended their careers in Atlanta by requesting a trade. Neither had any type of success with their new teams. As we speak they are, presumably, waiting for a call to join a new team.

Which brings up the question, who could reunite the old duo? Here are four potential teams that could sign Ryan and Jones.

1. The Kansas City Chiefs could reunite Matt Ryan and Julio Jones

The Kansas City Chiefs are clearly one of the favorites to win it all in 2023. However, looking at their roster, they have holes at backup quarterback and receiver.

With Patrick Mahomes getting injured every so often, there were opportunities for their backup Chad Henne to play, but now Henne is retired, so they could stand to add a veteran like Ryan.

For Julio Jones, he could be a mentor to their young receivers and receive a steady dose of snaps throughout the year, as long as he can stay healthy.

Obviously, they both would have to agree to these roles but it would be a great way to try for the ring that was robbed from them years ago.