3 teams tried to trade up for Michael Penix Jr., including the Falcons' rival

Three teams were reportedly trying to trade up for Washington QB Michael Penix Jr., including one of the Falcons' rivals
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Michael Penix Jr. was a hot commodity in the top ten of the NFL Draft, according to reports. NFL insider James Palmer just broke the news that three different teams were trying to trade up to draft the former Washington Husky before he was ultimately drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.

This is certainly interesting and further speaks to the disconnect between the media's perception on Penix compared to the decision-makers in the NFL.

Michael Penix went to a stunning city as the Atlanta Falcons used their eighth-overall pick on the quarterback. He is an excellent fit for the future of the franchise but one that many did not see coming.

Ironically, their rivals were one of the three reported teams trying to get into the top ten and it will make things even sweeter for the Falcons if Penix turns into a franchise quarterback.

One has to wonder if these teams were trying to trade with the Chicago Bears at pick nine. Early indications are that no one expected the Falcons to take Penix so the teams might have been trying to jump the Vikings and Broncos to grab the quarterback.

I have a feeling that there were some bitter teams after the eighth-overall pick was announced.

The Raiders were frequently connected to Penix throughout the pre-draft process while the Saints and Seahawks weren't.

The fact that the Saints were looking to take him says something about the situation they are in with Derek Carr. New Orleans is a different situation than Atlanta because Carr is significantly younger than Kirk Cousins and both have contracts that become financially tolerable to move on from at the same time.

As for the Seahawks, they were overlooked because they have Geno Smith as their starter and held a pick that came after the Vikings, Raiders, and Broncos.

This report proves just how elite Michael Penix Jr. can be. It is easy to forget that J.J. McCarthy was still available when Penix was drafted and he was rumored to be a potential top-three pick. Maybe one year we will learn not to trust any rumor that comes out before the draft.