3 terrible decisions by Atlanta Falcons during the 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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2. Letting Kyle Pitts play without making it known he wasn't healthy

Kyle Pitts numbers and accomplishments in the 2023 season are now truly impressive and we understand the extent of his injury. Whether it was up to Kyle Pitts or Arthur Smith's staff it was never known the extent of Kyle's injury and that he wasn't fully healthy. Looking back there are times it should have been obvious but it appeared just as likely that Kyle gave up on routes or simply had lost a step or two since the injury.

It was a bad look for Pitts and part of what made Smith's offense struggle so much in the 2023 season. While a healthy Kyle doesn't fix the poor route concepts it does change the entire flow of this offense. Drake London has far less pressure and Pitts can stretch the field more consistently giving Ridder or Heinicke a better chance to make plays.

As bad as both quarterbacks were, look at the weapons they had to throw to after Drake London. If it was known going into the season that Kyle wasn't going to be able to be himself why weren't better receivers added?