3 Things the Jeff Okudah trade tells us about the Atlanta Falcons draft plans

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1. The Atlanta Falcons don't plan on adding a cornerback early

There have been many fans out there that think the trade for Jeff Okudah hasn't ruled out the Atlanta Falcons potentially taking a cornerback in the first round—but I disagree.

I get it, the Falcons aren't likely to pick up Okudah's expensive fifth-year option, meaning he is essentially on a one-year deal. But that is just it, it is hard for me to believe that Terry Fontenot would trade away a fifth-round pick for a player who will only be around for one year. I think he plans on extending Okudah—either during the season or after.

Fontenot also isn't likely to let A.J. Terrell walk, so I believe that Fontenot believes he has his two outside corners for the next few years. And, thus, they aren't going to spend a first-round pick on a player who is going to sit if their plans go accordingly.