3 Things Ridder must do to win the Atlanta Falcons starting job in 2024

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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2. The turnovers must stop

If Ridder even has one or two more games with multiple turnovers and ugly red zone decisions I believe the Falcons go elsewhere at the position this off-season. This was Ridder's season and thus far nothing has been done to prove he can be a starting quarterback moving forward. When the only consistent part of your game as a quarterback is turnovers, something has gone very very wrong.

Ridder isn't just turning the ball over at a high rate he is doing so without the high upside of consistent explosive plays. Desmond is making the number of mistakes that get much better quarterbacks like Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen questioned. The difference between these situations doesn't have to be explained.

If Ridder is going to find a way to stick around as a starter not only does he have to be the reason the team wins but he can't be the one putting them in danger. Yes, Ridder had a nice throw to Bijan to put the game away against New Orleans. But why was the team in danger in the first place? It was Ridder's interceptions that tilted the game back toward the Saints and put the team in danger. This isn't saying Ridder has to be perfect but demanding the quarterback not have multiple turnovers each game and have more touchdowns than picks is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to expectations.