3 Things that must happen if the Atlanta Falcons hire Bill Belichick

New England Patriots Press Conference
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2. A strong offensive coordinator must be brought in

A certain former New England Patriots OC and failed Raiders Head Coach will quickly be pointed to if Bill lands in Atlanta. This wouldn't be the worst decision for a coach who deserves a bit more respect as a playcaller. We watched what he accomplished with the talent of the Patriots and what it looked like without him.

One can be a terrible head coach and yet still be an amazing coordinator. Regardless of whether it is Josh or someone else the team needs an OC with control of the offense. Bill needs to focus on the defense and managing the roster overall. This requires an experienced play caller who is willing to give Atlanta's stars the ball.

The second portion of this is the Falcons must have a plan at quarterback. Whether it is trading up for one of the top prospects, or landing Justin Fields or Kirk Cousins Atlanta's quarterback position must be stabilized. We've watched the Patriots with Cam Newton, Mac Jones, and Zappe for the past three seasons if you don't fix the most important position in Atlanta the results will be the same.