3 things the Atlanta Falcons must change to beat the Jaguars in week 4

After the first clunker of the year by the Atlanta Falcons, there are three things that need to change for a week four win in London

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Things the Atlanta Falcons must change to get a win in week 4

After two exciting wins to start the season, the Atlanta Falcons laid an egg in week three. The Detroit Lions simply whacked the Falcons throughout the game.

Detroit's defense was really the star of the show as they didn't allow the Falcons offense to gain any traction at any point in the game. The Falcons managed just six points in four quarters which is something that cannot happen again.

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There are definitely things that need to be fixed going into the second road game of the season. The second road game also happens to be a road game (although charged as a home game) to the opposing Jacksonville Jaguars since it will be played in London.

These are two teams that are coming off of extremely disappointing losses in week three. The Jags are a surprising 1-2 team after having a lot of expectations coming into the season. Some may also argue that the Falcons are a surprising 2-1 team.

The Falcons can really get a head start on the season, while also putting the Jaguars in a big hole if they can make these changes and come back home with a 3-1 record.