Atlanta Falcons Twitter makes predictions for upcoming blockbuster move

The Atlanta Falcons cleared up some cap space and it has sparked predictions for what the Falcons may be planning to use it on
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Not often do you see teams restructure contracts at this point in the year but that is what the Atlanta Falcons have done. They restructured the contract of left tackle Jake Matthews to clear up just over $7 million in cap space.

The Falcons wouldn't do that just for fun; there is a big move on the way and it has sparked predictions on Twitter about what might happen.

Atlanta Falcons ignite predictions of what big move is on the way

Restructuring a contract has future consequences which is why teams don't just do it without a reason. We are preparing for week four and the Atlanta Falcons, out of nowhere, decided to free up a significant chunk of cap space by restructuring the contract of Jake Matthews.

Again, this undoubtedly means a move is coming. But what move is anyone's guess and plenty of people on Twitter have made their guesses.

Could Matty Ice be on the way?

It is highly doubtful that Matt Ryan would be the big move considering what he recently said when asked about the rumors of him signing with the New York Jets. In addition to that, do we really think he would want to come play behind an offensive line that just gave up seven sacks? I think he has been hit enough.

And these would be bad... like really bad...

How about we add a player to the defense?

Now we are cooking. Bringing in either of these franchise pass rushers would be a dream come true. Danielle Hunter seems like the more likely possibility since Maxx Crosby is a tad younger and a franchise cornerstone for the Raiders.

The Falcons don't have a dominant edge rusher and it has really held the defense back. Even after the Troy Andersen injury, adding a double-digit sack artist on the edge would be the piece that puts this defense over the top.

This may seem crazy but I honestly don't know that it is. There was a rumor that Sean Payton might end up benching Russell Wilson and that would likely mean he is available. The big issue is that Wilson's contract is a complete mess and it doesn't seem feasible for the Broncos to trade him.

All in all, I would bet that the Falcons are preparing to either sign a couple of free agents or are close to acquiring Danielle Hunter. Also, keep an eye on Chandler Jones from the Raiders.


The only thing we know for sure is that a move is on the horizon for the Atlanta Falcons.

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