3 things the Atlanta Falcons must change to beat the Jaguars in week 4

After the first clunker of the year by the Atlanta Falcons, there are three things that need to change for a week four win in London
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. The Atlanta Falcons must simplify and adapt on offense

For the Atlanta Falcons to get back on track on offense, Arthur Smith needs to adapt and simplify.

On Sunday against Detroit, the Falcons had no running game and could not pass protect, and those two things created disaster. What it also means is that play-action fakes, in theory, won't be effective.

Play-action fakes also result in an extra second for the rush to get there. Arthur Smith kept going back to play action when things should have just been one-step drops and fire. Play action was responsible for numerous sacks on Ridder.

So, if the same things happen in London then stop the shenanigans and get the ball out of Ridder's hands. On the contrary, if the running game is back in action, don't stop running. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.