3 winners, 3 losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 NFL Draft

Three winners and losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 draft class
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The Atlanta Falcons are the talk of the town after they shocked everyone by taking Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth pick in the draft.

While the pick was met with profound criticism, it was a smart move because it gives you hope for life after Kirk Cousins. I get that they could've landed defensive help but there is no guarantee that the player they would have taken would have made an instant impact—especially when you consider the history the Falcons have in taking defensive players.

The Falcons made eight selections with one pick in rounds one through five and three in round six.

  • Michael Penix Jr., QB
  • Ruke Orhorhoro, DL
  • Bralen Trice, EDGE
  • Brandon Dorlus, DL
  • JD Bertrand, LB
  • Jase McClellan, RB
  • Casey Washington, WR
  • Zion Logue, NT

Each one of those picks signals to what the Falcons think about specific players on their roster. They built for the future in the first round after signing a veteran quarterback in free agency and then they addressed their defensive line heavily in the next three rounds.

Let's look at the three winners and three losers from the Falcons' 2024 class of rookies.