3 winners, 3 losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 NFL Draft

Three winners and losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 draft class
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Winner: Clark Phillips III

We all were wondering how much trust the Falcons would put in Clark Phillips going into his secocnd year. The answer: a lot.

While Terry Fontenot made the weird comment about not wanting to reach for a player in the secondary, if he was truly worried about it he would have done something on draft weekend. I have to believe that Clark Phillips is going to be the starter on the outside come week one.

Loser: Ta'Quon Graham

Ta'Quon Graham was listed on my list of three players who lost their jobs on draft night article. I would say that classifies him as a 'loser' in all of this.

With so much depth added, the Falcons no longer need Ta'Quon Graham quite honestly. It is rough because he is a great player but with the coaching and scheme changes, he looks like the odd man out.