4 Atlanta Falcons playing under pressure in the 2024 season

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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1. Kyle Pitts

The Atlanta Falcons have done little to help Kyle Pitts turn into the star player they obviously believe him to be. His rookie season was by far his best year and it was a year in which he was the number one receiver and often the lone threat in the Atlanta passing attack.

In the two years since injuries and terrible quarterback play have limited what Pitts can accomplish. Marcus Mariota often missed the tight end either completely over throwing a large target or missing his window to make the throw. Kyle's 2022 season ended with a knee injury that was far more serious than most realized at the time.

The injury not being fully healed and Arthur Smith playing him without offering an explanation explains away the 2023 season. Kyle had a clear lack of explosiveness he had the first two seasons and looked at times to give up on routes or power down early. With the understanding that his knee wasn't completely healthy this makes complete sense and sets up Kyle for a huge 2024 season.

If Atlanta can finally figure out the quarterback position the Falcons have plenty of reasons to believe Kyle Pitts will again look like the star player he was in year one.