4 Atlanta Falcons playing under pressure in the 2024 season

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2. A.J. Terrell

The Atlanta Falcons are going to have to make the tough choice as to whether or not to pay A.J. as one of the top corners in the league. If we are being honest in the 2023 season Terrell didn't play up to this level of the standard that is expected of him. This isn't a shot at A.J. but rather the reality of his level of play and something that could weigh heavily in contract talks between the two sides.

This is a huge season for Terrell not only because of the contract implications but it will be the first season in this league he plays for a defense and staff with high expectations. Terrell was expected to be solid contributor but blew past expectations and grew into a great player on a bad defense.

Now the question for Terrell is can he be that same player on a solid unit facing expectations? Even if Terrell puts it all together for the 2024 season will it be enough for the Falcons to pay him as one of the top corners in the league?

This is a secondary facing a lot of questions as we move fully into the offseason and that starts with their best player and what level he can reach moving forward.