4 Atlanta Falcons playing under pressure in the 2024 season

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3. Grady Jarrett

As an Atlanta Falcons fan how can you not love Grady Jarrett? The issue here is that quietly the Atlanta front office has to start wondering if Grady's cap hit is worth what they have seen on the field over the past two seasons. This is yet another new coaching staff for the veteran who spent a large portion of 2023 recovering from a season-ending injury.

This is in no way to suggest that the Falcons should even consider moving on from their defensive leader. However, if we are being completely objective and considering how the 2023 season ended and Jarrett's cap hit it is only fair to believe some discussions are being had about his future.

Jarrett can put all of those concerns to bed by staying healthy this season and reminding Atlanta how big of an impact he can have. Even when Jarrett isn't getting to the quarterback or ball carrier he has an impact eating blocks and demanding attention.

Cutting or trading the veteran would be a mistake but if he is unable to stay on the field this season those discussions will begin.