4 Atlanta Falcons playing under pressure in the 2024 season

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4. Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson isn't helping the pressure on himself already when he talks about 2,000 rushing yards as a 2024 season goal. Perhaps the back would be better served to focus on the offseason and improving in any way he can ahead of a pivotal 2024 season.

For any other rookie the 2023 season for Bijan Robinson would have been a huge season. However, considering where he was drafted and the lofty expectations of fans it clearly didn't live up to expectations. Blame Arthur Smith and the lack of respect for the passing game all you want but Bijan himself was far from perfect.

Give the star back a full NFL offseason and improved quarterback play and the excuses are now melted away. This is the season that fans are going to judge whether or not it was a reach to take Bijan within the top ten.

Robinson will likely be featured far more often in the new offensive style and be given far more space to work with. With Bijan under contract for three more seasons there is zero danger that Atlanta is going to move on. However, another year under 1,000 yards and fans and pundits alike will begin pointing out just how many impact players Atlanta could have landed in his place.