4 Atlanta Falcons the team should consider a reunion with this summer

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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2. Julio Jones

It has been three years since Julio Jones left Atlanta and in that time he has worn a Titans, Bucs, and Eagles uniform. None of the three look right on the Atlanta legend who is now very close or at the end of his career. Each year the production has taken a step back since leaving Atlanta with Jones simply a depth piece at this point in his career.

There is no reason to believe that a return to Atlanta is going to turn back the clock or help Jones stay healthy for a full season. What a reunion would do is bring Jones back as a veteran leader for a very young receiver group.

It is easy to make the argument that Jones is more valuable as the 4th or 5th receiver than any player currently fighting for that role. Jones retiring in Atlanta as the team turns the page on the Arthur Smith era would be fitting as well. Raheem Morris coached in Atlanta during Julio's time with the team and could attempt to bring back the veteran leader.

Julio Jones returning to Atlanta isn't about the production but about the depth and leadership the veteran can provide.