4 Atlanta Falcons who deserve to be in the playoffs

Four players for the Atlanta Falcons who deserve to be playing in the playoffs, even if the rest of the team doesn't.
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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2. Chris Lindstrom, RG

No offensive guard has played better football over the past few years than Chris Lindstrom. Arthur Smith said many times how important Lindstrom was to this Atlanta Falcons offense and we felt it when he missed a game late in the season.

The Falcons have been wasting Lindstrom's prime away. The way the team has performed has cost Lindstrom the recognition he deserves—obvious by him not being named first-team All-Pro.

Lindstrom still has many years left to get into the playoffs. The sad part is that no matter how well Lindstrom plays week in and week out, there is only so much he can do at the right guard position. He isn't a quarterback who can cover up a bunch of holes on a team.