4 Biggest remaining questions for the Atlanta Falcons

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Question No. 3: Will the Atlanta Falcons running game transfer to 2023 and how will carries be split?

Without the Atlanta Falcons' running game in 2023, they would have been dead in the water. It was something they were able to lean on heavily throughout the year, which begs the question, how will it transfer into the 2023 NFL season?

The good news is that it will likely transfer to Arthur Smith's third season because they are better on paper. Matthew Bergeron, barring a Jalen Mayfield-type rookie season (although, Mayfield wasn't an awful run blocker), should be a good people-moving left guard for the running backs. Then they also added someone named Bijan Robinson who isn't too bad himself. Even the receivers are better run blockers.

The bigger question is how will the coaching staff divvy up the carries because they have three hungry mouths to feed. Cordarrelle Patterson and Tyler Allgeier are great running backs and Bijan Robinson could end up being one of the best in the league.

Arthur Smith has a tall task when it comes to splitting up the carries between the RBs. The good news is that you have two of the most versatile running backs in the league with Cordarrelle Patterson and Bijan Robinson—you will certainly see those two playing receiver quite often.