Falcons: Bijan Robinson is not a running back, he's an offensive weapon

2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet
2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

The only reason Bijan Robinson was there for the taking for the Atlanta Falcons at pick eight is because of the position tag placed on him. However, make no mistake about it, he is much more than just a 'running back', he is a weapon.

Bijan can do it all and that is why Arthur Smith had to have him. He adds a new dimension to the Falcons' offense which will make them a terrifying unit to go up against.

Bijan Robinson is more than just a running back for the Atlanta Falcons

There is disgust in the NFL surrounding drafting running back in the first round, much less in the top ten. It is a position that takes a beating each Sunday which causes a breakdown of their body. They are also relatively easy to replace. That is definitely true 99% of the time but Bijan Robinson is the 1% and the Atlanta Falcons knew that.

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Most running backs cannot make the cuts that Bijan can, most running backs don't have the vision that Bijan has, and most running backs can not go play slot receiver for an entire game like Bijan could.

The last part is what I want to focus on here—Bijan's ability as a pass catcher. He might already be the best pass-catching running back in the NFL, that is how special he is. He is so smooth, he is so comfortable, and he is so confident when running routes and catching the ball.

Since arriving in Atlanta, he has talked about his prior experience playing wide receiver, and it is obvious.

Bijan Robinson will be a threat out of the backfield and as a slot receiver for the Falcons' offense. There isn't much he won't do in the NFL. He brings even more versatility to an offense that already has two of the most versatile players with Kyle Pitts and Cordarrelle Patterson. It should be fun watching all the moving parts from play to play.

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