4 Difference makers the Atlanta Falcons can still sign at edge rusher

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With a need at edge rusher, here are four difference makers the Atlanta Falcons can sign

The Atlanta Falcons, even after all of their additions this offseason, still have a major question mark at edge rusher.

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What has been a chronic issue may still be an issue. The Falcons could use a veteran who can produce sacks. Fortunately for them, there are plenty of them left on the free agent market. It has been a slow-moving market this offseason and there are a number of veterans the Falcons could look to add.

Here are the four edge rushers that could add some proven production for the Falcons' outside pass rush.

1. The Atlanta Falcons should sign Frank Clark

I had it all written up about how Leonard Floyd would be a good fit for the Atlanta Falcons and then, literally a few hours later, as it had to happen, the Buffalo Bills signed him. So, time to move on to Frank Clark, who isn't quite as attractive as he hasn't had more than six sacks during the regular season in four years.

Nevertheless, Clark has all sorts of experience in big games. He is high on the leaderboards of playoff sacks, so he could potentially be an impact player late in the season.