4 Difference makers the Atlanta Falcons can still sign at edge rusher

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3. The Atlanta Falcons should sign Justin Houston

If the Atlanta Falcons were able to sign Justin Houston, it would feel a lot like the Dwight Freeney signing from back in 2016 or the recent Calais Campbell signing. He is a veteran who can still play meaningful snaps as his retirement looms.

Houston signing with the Falcons makes sense for both parties. For the Falcons, they get another veteran who can help teach their young guys while also adding a player who had 9.5 sacks last year for the Ravens. As for Houston, he gets to return to the state he was born in and played college football, while also joining a team with a lot of potential who can keep him on a pitch count.

Justin Houston might not be the every-down monster that he was with the Chiefs, but he can still go get the quarterback at critical moments.