Calais Campbell believes in the Atlanta Falcons, so you should too

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When you take everything into account, the most surprising move of the Atlanta Falcons' offseason has been the signing of veteran Calais Campbell.

Everyone assumed that the defensive tackle—who will be 37 years old before the season begins—would opt to join a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars who are an ascending team who he has a history with. Or the New York Jets who many are already calling Super Bowl contenders with the eventual addition of Aaron Rodgers, or the Buffalo Bills who are perennial playoff contenders—but no, Campbell chose the team that many call 'the worst in the NFC.' He didn't sign for the money, he signed because he believes in them.

Calais Campbell's belief in the Atlanta Falcons should not be taken lightly

It is nice to feel wanted. The Atlanta Falcons, who are coming off of their fifth-straight season without making the postseason, were just chosen over two playoff teams in the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as a team that will be led by Aaron Rodgers with the New York Jets.

I have already seen people say "oh, he just did it for the money." I have news for them, he did not do it for the money, and I am sure of that. The Falcons landed him on a one-year, $7 million contract that can reach $9 million with certain incentives, do you honestly think the Jags, Jets, AND Bills didn't offer him, at least, that much? I doubt it. He said it himself, he had strong offers from other teams.

Even if they weren't willing to pay him that much, I think we can say that someone would have paid him $5 million. For a guy who has one or two years left, who has made over $120 million in his career, and who is as competitive as they come, do you really think he would sign with a team seen by others as the worst in the conference over three teams who many are shoeing into the playoffs, for a couple extra million? No, absolutely not.

He spoke to the media on Monday to state his belief in Atlanta, and it is convincing.

That is just the beginning of his quotes. Just go look up his name on Twitter or read the story on

All I am saying is that when one of the smartest players and most productive players in NFL history says he believes in a team after watching film and talking to people around the league, I am going to take his word for it, and you should too.

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