4 Falcons who must breakout for a Super Bowl run in Atlanta

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Atlanta Falcons who must make huge strides for a Super Bowl run

The Atlanta Falcons have constructed a promising team pretty quickly following a roster teardown once Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith were hired. While they aren't getting too much attention right now, they have the potential to become a great team in 2023.

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You look up and down the roster and they have players who could help them become a legitimate threat in the NFL.

However, for that to happen they need these four players to have a breakout year in 2023.

Desmond Ridder must breakout for the Atlanta Falcons

This is a straightforward selection; the Atlanta Falcons need Desmond Ridder to become a breakout player to have a chance at winning a Super Bowl.

Obviously, teams who have bottom-of-the-barrel quarterback play never make it far in the NFL, the position is too important. Ridder needs to continue to do what he did during his first four starts—develop and improve. If he can continue getting better then the Falcons' offense is in really good shape.

The thing about the Falcons is that Ridder doesn't need to be elite, he just needs to be good. He needs to make the layups and a couple of three-pointers, and the run game will do the rest.