4 Former Atlanta Falcons players who failed with their new team in 2023

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3. Marcus Mariota

The third player on our list to take a clear step back and the third player to end their season with the Eagles. Perhaps the Eagles mistake was believing adding so many former Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Bulldogs would translate into winning football. While the Bulldog prospects are all trending in the right direction the Eagles were shopping in the same aisles far too often.

Philly has a limited roster and adding Marcus Mariota as their backup limited their team even more so. For Mariota this was a step back in the fact you went from a starting quarterback to a backup on a team hunting for a ring. Your Super Bowl team was a first-round exit to the division you left that was labeled the worst in the league.

One could point out that Mariota wasn't a part of the problem never seeing the field. However, the fact remains that Marcus Mariota went from a starting quarterback to a backup on a contending roster that was a dumpster fire by the end of the season. Mariota rarely saw the field but the few snaps he did take was a clear example of why the Eagles made a poor choice at the position.