4 Free agent moves from NFC South that Atlanta Falcons fans can laugh at

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1. New Orleans biggest move is signing Willie Gay Jr.

Some New Orleans fans will simply tell you that the cap doesn't exist and that is how the team continues to make moves. Those who enjoy studying the cap and understanding it know differently.

The cap was made to be manipulated and allow for teams like Tom Brady's Bucs or Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to keep a window open to contend for a long time. However, even with the workarounds the cap bill is always going to come due at some point. As long as you can maintain your talent there are ways to move around the numbers and that is exactly what New Orleans did at the end of Sean Payton and Drew Brees' run.

However, with this strategy, you are required to endure 2-3 hard seasons of eating dead cap hits and focusing on rebuilding. New Orleans has opted for a different approach acting as if their window is still open and continuing to push the bill a year further down the road.

As long as the team does this they will continue to be a 6-7 win mediocre team unable to make the splashy moves that their division rivals have early on in free agency.