4 Games fans will be locked in on ahead of Atlanta Falcons schedule release

Los Angeles Chargers v Atlanta Falcons
Los Angeles Chargers v Atlanta Falcons / Adam Hagy/GettyImages
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1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Arthur Smith returning to town makes this game a must-win for the Atlanta Falcons you simply can't lose to an Arthur Smith-led offense. The head coach isn't popular among Atlanta Falcons fans and is a big part of the reason that things went as they have the past two seasons with the playoffs within reach.

Atlanta's biggest concern for this game is going to be Kaleb McGary pass protecting Kirk Cousins against T.J. Watt. The Falcons are going to have to get rid of the ball quickly or send consistent help to wherever Watt lines up or he has the ability to wreck this game.

On the flip side, there is nothing about this offense that should scare the Atlanta defense. You have a great receiver in Pickens but if Smith is true to form, he will be used primarily as a blocker. Russell Wilson or Justin Fields will be the starter in a Pittsburgh offense that has been carried by Tomlin and the defense each of the past two years. It is hard to see this changing with limited weapons and a system from Arthur Smith that is going to turn back the clock. This is one Atlanta can't afford to lose.