4 Games fans will be locked in on ahead of Atlanta Falcons schedule release

Los Angeles Chargers v Atlanta Falcons
Los Angeles Chargers v Atlanta Falcons / Adam Hagy/GettyImages
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3. Minnesota Vikings

From Atlanta's perspective, the hope is that this game is in the first three weeks of the schedule. We know what a distraction that going back home to your former team can be for some quarterbacks. Kirk Cousins is going to say all the right things but there is no question this is a game where emotions will be high and the quarterback wants to go out and put up big numbers.

Going to Minnesota makes this game all the more difficult the later into the year that you wait to get past it. Ideally, the Falcons have this game in week one and get Kirk's homecoming out of the way and can turn the page on the season. Having this game later in the season could serve as a distraction if the Falcons are in the playoff hunt.

The Vikings game is one Atlanta shouldn't drop when you consider their defensive lack of depth and the fact they will be starting Sam Darnold or J.J. McCarthy. Atlanta's gameplan for this one should heavily involve Bijan Robinson and taking early pressure off Kirk Cousins allowing the veteran to reign in the emotion of the moment and ease into the game.