4 head coaches the Atlanta Falcons must avoid hiring

Four names that the Atlanta Falcons should steer clear of when searching for a new head coach

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2. Ex-Titans HC Mike Vrabel

In any other scenario, I would tell the Atlanta Falcons to go right on ahead with interviewing the recently fired Mike Vrabel. He has elevated the play of his team year in and year out while also being one of the most respected coaches in the NFL.

However, the Atlanta Falcons just got burned by Arthur Smith, who was Vrabel's offensive coordinator just a few years ago. I know it isn't an apples-to-apples comparison but new head coaches usually hire schemes they know, which would result in the possibility of having another Arthur Smith-type offense.

Taking that risk is not worth it, in my opinion. Bringing in a new head coach means you get to bring in new eyes and a new scheme. Vrabel would be just the opposite for the Falcons.