4 head coaches the Atlanta Falcons must avoid hiring

Four names that the Atlanta Falcons should steer clear of when searching for a new head coach

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4. Patriots HC Bill Belichick

This one has me going back and forth. On one hand, you have one of the best coaches in NFL history, but on the other hand, you have a head coach who has led one of the ugliest teams over the past few years.

Was Tom Brady the driving force behind Belichick's success? That's a question that many debate over but we know one thing for sure, it has been quite dreadful since Brady left.

It makes it even worse when you consider Belichick is the general manager. He was responsible for drafting the team he led, so you cannot give him the 'lack of talent' pass.

His defenses are always good but, as we have all seen, what good is a defense if your offense cannot score? Belichick has been making all the wrong choices on the offensive side of the ball (drafting, choosing coaches, etc.) and that is very concerning.

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