4 Highest scheduled Atlanta Falcons cap hits after Cousins signing

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2. Jake Matthews $21.7 Million dollar schedule cap hit

Jake Matthews is one of the final pieces from the Atlanta Falcons previous regime. Matthews and Grady Jarrett are the final pieces that go back to Atlanta's 2016 run to the Super Bowl and Matt Ryan's Falcons.

The question with Jake's cap hit is whether or not his level of play is going to dip past it. Matthews is an aging veteran who continues to defy father time playing at the same consistent level. The Falcons should continue to pay Matthews as long as it continues to be the case.

Those who believe otherwise do not understand how hard it is to find a capable left tackle. Even if you do find one it often takes time to settle in at the position. Kirk Cousins isn't going to be mobile often making Jake Matthews all the more important.

Atlanta fans should appreciate the consistent level of play the tackle has brought to Atlanta. It wouldn't be at all surprising to see the veteran finish out his career with the Falcons as he helps guide a young offensive line. Jake Matthews may not be a star but he is well worth this contract and cap hit.