4 players the Atlanta Falcons miss in 2023

The four players who the Atlanta Falcons wish they still had this season
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The Atlanta Falcons wish they had these four players in 2023

A new year equals a new roster. There are so many differences between the 2022 Atlanta Falcons and the 2023 Atlanta Falcons.

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Whether it is injuries or players simply leaving town for a new start with a new team, things change each and every year in the NFL. While the Falcons are a much better team this year, they certainly still wish that they had these four players from last year on this year's 53-man roster.

Let's take a look at who those four players are.

1. Isaiah Oliver, CB

This is an interesting one; Isaiah Oliver finished last season on a tear. He played like the best slot corner in the NFL and the Falcons decided to let him walk and sign Mike Hughes instead.

Hughes brings value on special teams that Oliver does not, but Oliver, at his peak, is a great slot corner. I understand why the Falcons said goodbye to him (especially with how Dee Alford has played) but Mike Hughes has not been good.

Oliver also brings physicality to the slot and would be a nice piece to have right now. Again though, this isn't a huge deal considering how well Dee Alford has played.