4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could draft after signing Kirk Cousins

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2. Spencer Rattler

When Rattler first started with the Sooners he looked like the next star quarterback for the program. Following in the footsteps of Jalen Hurts and Baker Mayfield it looked as if the coaching staff had their next star at the position.

Turnovers and missed throws snuck into his game unexpectedly and opened the door for Caleb Williams to step in. It was clear that Williams was the better answer and Rattler moved on to South Carolina. His time in South Carolina was much the same with glimpses at his immense talent but unable to consistently put it all together.

Rattler is not a starter or even a backup in the immediate. If he were started the results would look a lot like last season for the Falcons. However, what he does have is the talent needed to have success at the next level. Perhaps sitting behind Cousins for a season or two would give the Falcons a chance at finding a surprise starter or a valuable backup option.

This is a pick that would fit Atlanta's current roster and not invite any quarterback debate as it is clear what Rattler projects to be at the next level.