4 reasons the Falcons made the right choice with Michael Penix Jr.

Here is why the Atlanta Falcons made the correct choice when drafting Michael Penix Jr.
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Hate it all you want, Michael Penix Jr. is the newest member of the Atlanta Falcons. After paying Kirk Cousins $180 million in free agency, the team decided to double dip at the most important position in sports by taking a talented quarterback in the top ten.

I am in the minority when it comes to opinions on the selection. I think it was the right call by the front office and coaching staff. Throughout this whole process, I have continually said that the Falcons should consider Penix even if it wasn't the most popular idea.

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We all are entitled to our own opinions but at least hear me out on why I think the Falcons made the right call in taking the Washington quarterback at eighth overall.

1. Michael Penix Jr. was the best value and fit

I am not saying this because the Falcons drafted him; I am saying it because this is what I believe, Michael Penix Jr. is the second-best quarterback in this draft and has the upside to be a top-three quarterback in the league.

Penix's arm is special and he fits exactly what this team wants to do. He sits in the pocket, just like Kirk Cousins will do, and slings the ball with the cannon he has on his left arm.

This whole time we have heard Terry Fontenot talk about 'best player available' and I can argue he has the potential to be the best player in this draft—getting him at eight was a steal, even if the public saw him as a mid-round player.

In league circles, I have a feeling that he was hard to pass up for any team.