4 remaining concerns with the Atlanta Falcons following the preseason

The preseason told us a lot about the Atlanta Falcons and here are four concerns that still remain with the team
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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Four concerns we still have withh the Atlanta Falcons

There is no denying that the Atlanta Falcons have far fewer concerns going into this season than they did last season, which is something that we can hang our hat on.

Nonetheless, there are still concerns that remain with this team that will be led by a lot of young players. A few concerns were answered during the preseason but those three games still didn't answer everything.

Here are the four concerns we still have about the Atlanta Falcons going into the 2023 regular season.

1. Are the Atlanta Falcons starters ready for the season and do they have enough chemistry?

The majority of fans were expecting to see Desmond Ridder and Co. out on the field in at least two of the three preseason games. Instead, we only saw Ridder come out for one drive in total, which is concerning.

Look around the league and there were many other teams who played their veteran starters in all three games. With such a young offense, it would have been beneficial to see them go down the field more than once.

Not to mention, do they have enough chemistry as a unit? Starting the season fast will be imperative and if they come out flat then questions will be asked—especially if they commit a bunch of penalties again.