5 Atlanta Falcons that will likely follow Jonnu Smith out the door

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4. Richie Grant

Watching Richie Grant play opposite Jessie Bates it became painfully obvious how far out of his depth the safety was as a starter. This isn't to say that Grant didn't have some great moments in Falcons uniform but rather it is clearly time for a change at the position.

His mistakes and misses have become far too normal to continue to keep the safety on the roster with plenty of cheap veteran options on the market. By the end of the season Grant had lost his starting spot and there is little reason to believe he can regain it or keep his roster spot with cheaper or more talented options on the market.

5. Mike Hughes

Another veteran who lost playing time to a rookie by the end of the season. Cutting Hughes saves cap space and opens up a spot for a player with a chance to contribute. Even if Hughes was a complete mess as a punt returner you have Avery Williams returning this season to fill that role. As a corner, the Falcons wouldn't have to try particularly hard to upgrade the position. It is time to move on from a veteran who failed to live up to his salary in the 2023 season.