5 former Falcons who are still having trouble finding jobs

These former Falcons have an uncertain future as they continue to go unclaimed.

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2. Russell Gage, WR

Russell Gage made significant contributions to the Atlanta Falcons as a late-round draft pick. He was even Matt Ryan's top receiver in what ended up being both of their final seasons in Atlanta.

Gage signed with the Buccaneers and failed to make the intended impact. A nasty injury ended his 2023 season before it started and the Buccaneers declined his 2024 option making him a free agent. Due to that injury, he is struggling to find a new team.

3. Cordarrelle Patterson, RB

The fan-favorite Cordarrelle Patterson has already made it known that he won't be returning to Atlanta. Do not be surprised if it takes some time for him to latch on with a team.

Patterson brings so much value as a kick returner and with the proposed kickoff rules, teams will wait to see how he fits into their strategy.

If he has numerous suitors then he needs to find which team would put him in the best situation to make an impact on offense.