5 free agents the Falcons should sign to one-year prove-it deals

The Atlanta Falcons should give these five players an opportunity to reignite their careers as they head into next year's free agency period.

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Every offseason we see many players bet on themselves by signing one-year prove-it contracts. They accept a lower offer for one season to prove why they deserve a big contract in the subsequent offseason.

The Falcons need to take advantage of these players' situations because they bring low-risk, high-reward opportunities. Even though it wasn't a prove-it deal per se, think about what Calais Campbell did for this team on his one-year deal.

Here are five names this team should target on these 'prove-it deals.'

. . player. Jackson. 1. J.C. Jackson. 47. . Cornerback. J.C. Jackson

You could write a book about the cliff that J.C. Jackson's career has fallen off of. He went from being one of the best in the business to signing a massive contract with the Chargers to being traded back to the Patriots to being released by the Patriots just over a week ago.

Is the eight-interception J.C. Jackson still in there somewhere? Who knows, but that is why you tell him to bet on himself by signing a one-year deal. If this were to hit then the Falcons have themselves the best CB duo in the league.