5 Games Atlanta Falcons fans should have their eye on ahead of schedule release

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Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons

After the Saints, there is no one on the schedule Atlanta Falcons fans want to beat as badly as they will the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. Former head coach Arthur Smith joined Pittsburgh as the OC this offseason. The team followed this up by adding former Falcons Cordarrelle Patterson and Van Jefferson.

Pittsburgh has Russell Wilson and Justin Fields both on the roster inviting quarterback changes throughout the season. Raheem Morris has been a breath of fresh air after all of the theatrics from Arthur Smith over the past three years.

Smith's treatment of the media and the way he handled the offense left a lot of frustration behind. You absolutely cannot lose this game. Yes, Mike Tomlin is the head coach but having Arthur Smith back in Atlanta and his team winning would be beyond frustrating.

Atlanta needs this game against one of the weaker AFC teams they will play. The biggest concern for Atlanta is the idea that Kaleb McGary could be tasked with pass-protecting against T.J. Watt. This is the clearest path to Atlanta losing this game is dealing with arguably the best pass rusher in the game going against McGary.