5 grossly underpaid Atlanta Falcons players in 2024

The cash is not flowing for these five Falcons.
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NFL players make a lot of money, more than many of us can even imagine. However, most of us can't imagine the type of physical exhaustion these guys endure every day, along with the long-term health effects an NFL playing career can cause.d\

Some players are overpaid, no doubt about it. But we often forget those players who aren't getting compensated for their level of play.

We are going to look at Atlanta Falcons players who deserve to see more in their bank accounts this season. Just to clarify, this is not salary cap hits, this is total cash for their 2024 season.

1. Drew Dalman, $3.1 million total cash

Drew Dalman has improved every season since he was a mid-round pick in 2021.

Center is one of the most cerebral positions in the NFL. They command the offensive line which is something they don't often get credit for. He is a Stanford product so it isn't shocking that he has shown no issue as the starter.

He is due for a new contract but the Falcons are scheduled to pay him just over three million which is a steal for them. Hopefully, he signs the dotted line soon.