5 last-minute trades to save the Atlanta Falcons season

5 players on the trade block that could help the Atlanta Falcons save their season
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3. Tee Higgins, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

I have been on this trade since the moment the reports came out that the Cincinnati Bengals did not have Tee Higgins in their future plans. There are just too many connections to the Atlanta Falcons to ignore.

Higgins is the type of player that Arthur Smith has coveted. He can go grab a 50/50 ball and body defensive backs. Having Drake London on one side and Higgins on the other would be a nightmare.

Tee would open things up in this offense by giving them a consistent threat opposite London. They have been rotating guys in and out this season so it is time to go get a threat like Higgins. But who knows what the Bengals' intentions are with their star wide receiver.

At the very least, the Falcons would be interested in him during free agency next year. Again, it just makes too much sense.